American Teens: Rising Rates of Increased Depression and Anxiety

TIME article on increased rates of teen depression and anxiety

An article in Time Magazine by Susanna Schrobsdorff, Anxiety, Depression, and the American Adolescent, explores the causes of the recent significant increase in teen mental health issues.

Schrobsdorff identifies a number of potential causes for the increased rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems: economic and geopolitical insecurity, terrorism, school shootings, a severe recession, academic stress, micromanaging parents and, especially, the rise of social media. She writes that social media presents teens with "a cauldron of stimulus they can’t get away from."

If you or your adolescent are struggling with heavy problems, such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, an eating disorder, or substance use, skilled psychotherapy can help. When we resolve the underlying problems that make life seem so difficult, satisfaction and joy can return.