About Me

If you‘re wrestling with painful relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, addiction, or a difficult life transition, I'll ensure that you feel safe, understood, and supported. If your teen or child is acting out, not making friends, or doing poorly in school, I can help. If you want to solve a problem, experience less stress or worry, or live with greater meaning and satisfaction, your email or call to me now will start you on that path. I have years of experience with adults, teens, and children. Together, we'll ease you toward feeling balance, peace, and connected with yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

I specialize in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Neurofeedback. I have found these approaches to be safe and effective for shifting the deep patterns that keep us stuck.

Internal Family Systems
IFS provides a gentle way to resolve internal conflicts and heal from our childhood experiences. IFS allows us to talk with the different parts within yourself in a safe and supported way. Parts work is respectful, meaning that you and your parts control what we do. Unlike many forms of therapy, you don’t have to talk aloud about the details of traumatic events, if you don’t want to. I’ll help your parts tell you what they need you to know and, if your parts wish, assist them in unburdening any beliefs and feelings that block your path to healthy living. The end goal is for everything going on inside you to become less extreme and more harmonious, cooperative, and balanced.

IFS will be helpful if you have a desire to understand what’s going on within yourself and are open to developing an awareness of your feelings.

I am committed to excellence as an IFS therapist. I have completed Level 1 and Level 2 training with the official IFS Institute and have served as a program assistant for multiple Level 1 trainings. I participate in regular continuing education, peer support groups, and prioritize doing my own IFS therapy. I have the skills, experience, and compassion to guide you along this path.

I also provide Neurofeedback, a safe, gentle form of biofeedback that helps the brain function calmly, efficiently, and effectively. Most people will know if Neurofeedback will help them feel better within twelve sessions. It can help with ADHD, migraines, pain, depression, anger, anxiety, OCD, trauma, addictions, eating disorders, autism, emotional and behavioral control, brain injuries, and more.

If you feel overwhelmed or anxious sharing about what is occurring inside you, we can begin with Neurofeedback, which can be an efficient way to prepare for deeper therapies, like IFS.  

Please reach out by email or phone if you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions, I'd be happy to talk with you.