Video: Two Veterans Share About Their Recovery from PTSD with Neurofeedback

Who do you think of when you hear the term "PTSD"? Many of us associate Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) with veterans, and for good reason. Military service, especially in a combat zone, can lead to PTSD symptoms.

In this video, two veterans share about the PTSD symptoms that had taken over their lives and how neurofeedback helped them recover.

Of course, PTSD also affects people who haven't served in the military. Any of us can develop PTSD in the aftermath of experiencing or witnessing a tramatic event, or even indirectly by learning that someone close to us has had experienced trauma. Both children and adults can develop PTSD. Some of the common tramatic experiences include traffic accidents, workplace injuries, abuse, neglect, assault, robbery, fires, violence, and natural disasters.

PTSD is the body and brain's natural, self-protective response to intolerable situations. Fortunately, the body and brain have built-in ways to recover. Neurofeedback can assist your body and brain to access those resources and return to health.

If you or a family member are struggling with PTSD symptoms, contact me to learn how neurofeedback might help you.