Video: Relief from Substance Use and Other Addictions with Neurofeedback

Anyone who has struggled with an addiction will tell you that addictions are very difficult to beat. Even those who desperately want to quit may go to rehab multiple times before succeeding.

For over three decades, neurofeedback successfully helped reduce cravings and resolve any underlying issues that may be driving addictive behavior. In a 1989 study of veterans with PTSD and alcohol use disorder, 80% of clients were able to remain sober for at least 18 months. Most of the clients also were able to eliminate their PTSD symptoms. In comparison, none of those receiving the usual treatment (without neurofeedback) were able to stay sober. Additional studies have since refined the treatment and shown similar results.

In this video, clients and staff at a rehab facility talk about their success using infra-low neurofeedback to recover from substance use.

Even though neurofeedback provides powerful results for most clients, it's important to recognize the role of allied therapies. In the studies I mentioned above, clients also participated in other forms of therapy, such as talk therapy and groups. Addiction is difficult. To give yourself the best chance of full recovery, be sure to take advantage of all the resources available.

If you or a loved one are struggling, contact me to learn how neurofeedback can help.